I'm currently investigating how best to integrate tumblr with vim and markdown, and looking to ruby to provide some help.

I'm still very new to Ruby and its tooling so I was finding it hard to see the details of available remote gems.

I was labouring:

$ gem search --remote tumblr
integrity-tumblr (0.1.1)
matenia-tumblr-api (0.1.6)
ruby-tumblr (0.0.2)
skinnycms_tumblr (0.0.2)
tumblr (2.2.0)
tumblr-api (0.1.4)
tumblr-rb (1.3.0)
tumblr4r (0.7.2)
tumblr_cleanr (0.0.1)

Then for each interesting result: 

$ gem specification --remote <gem>

This brought back a lof interesting information but it is hardly an efficient way to browse. Digging into the docs I found an easier way.

$ gem search -r -d tumblr
integrity-tumblr (0.1.1)
    Author: Mat&#237;as Flores
    Rubyforge: http://rubyforge.org/projects/integrity
    Homepage: http://github.com/matflores/integrity-tumblr
    Tumblr notifier for the Integrity continuous integration server
matenia-tumblr-api (0.1.6)
    Author: Jeff Kreeftmeijer, Matenia Rossides
    Homepage: http://github.com/matenia/tumblr
    Tumblr API wrapper - maintained by matenia

The -r is the short notation for --remote, and -d is the short notation for --details. The default for the search action is --no-details, which is why the initial resultset was so unhelpful.