More utf-8 fun, if you're using Mac OSX and the terminal, you'll sometimes run into trouble with character encoding.

I use iTerm as my terminal of choice, and it natively supports utf-8. However by default, your terminal environment does not. I have my environment configured to use the de_DE (German) locale. However some characters, most typically ü and ä do not display correctly.

In order to get correct text in your utf-8 terminal you need to configure your environment to use a utf-8 enabled locale. If you're using en_GB, or de_DE (and you can get a list of available locales by calling 'locale -a') you just need to edit /etc/profile or ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile, and put the line export LC_ALL='de_DE.UTF-8' or LC_ALL='en_GB.UTF-8'

This will ensure your terminal AND environment are speaking the same language.