I'm just going to jot down my experience with my new Macbook Air. It will be rather more a stream of consciousness than structured prose, so my apologies in advance for that. I'll clean it all up later.

Anyway, quite happy with it so far, but like any geek with new kit, I want to know everything about it, and make it dance to my whim.

Two things learned this morning: if you have an old Magsafe (1) powerpack, which I did from my old 13" Mac Pro, and it has higher or equally rated wattage you can use it with your macbook air.

It makes sense, a high rated powersupply can support a lower power rated device, but not vice versa. So a 60 watt Macbook Pro magsafe can power a 45 watt Macbook Air. But a 60 Watt Magsafe can't power a 15" 85 watt macbook pro.

The other thing which I have discovered, is that the thunderbolt port on the newer Airs use the same socket form factor as the mini display port. This means is if you have an old Mini DisplayPort -> DVI adapter lying around, you can reuse it.